What is the recipient's obligation?

  • To be home to accept your meal or to cancel delivery in a timely manner.
  • To provide emergency contacts for use if our volunteers have a concern about your welfare.
  • ​To provide 24 hours notice before cancelling a meal or service.

Meal Services FAQs

Who is eligible to receive Meals on Wheels?

Eligible recipients must be:

  • Unable to provide proper meals for themselves due to illness, advanced age, or dis​ability
  • Unable to leave home except on assisted outings, family gatherings or other limited excursions.
  • Residents of Calvert County

When are meals delivered?

  • Noontime meals are delivered five days a week except for federal, state, and county holidays.

Are meal deliveries affected by bad weather?

  • Generally meals will not be delivered when bad weather closes county schools. CMOW will try to make deliveries when school openings are delayed. Clients will be given shelf stable food packages in advance to use in emergency situations.

Calvert Meals On Wheels, Inc.

How much will I pay for this service?

  • ​​Fees for this service vary based on age and income.  Call the Office on Aging for more information.  (410) 535-4606     (301) 855-1170